The Place

Hokkaido, located in the north-eastern part of Japan, is the biggest one next to Honshu. It is said to be a kind of sacred place for riders, there is great nature, the roads are wide and straight, and attracts many tourists.

The word 「magnificent」is often used to describe Hokkaido, but when you visit there, you will understand the real meaning of 「magnificent」.

There aren’t any traffic jams, and there are green fields as far as the eye can see, along with occasional, peaceful farms. There is also a great deal of seasonal as well as local cuisine, such as seafood, meat, vegetables.

We are looking for partners who can co-operate with us to promote Hokkaido which has so many wonderful opportunities awaiting you!

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The Vehicles

こYou can select a motorcycle from our group company Rental 819. All of our available range are new models within a 5 year span.

There are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, DUCATI, BMW, Harley Davidson etc.
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*instructions about vehicle’s year and color will not be accepted
*your first choice may not be available
*vehicle’s list may be subject to changes due to stock change

The Aim

The aim of this tour is let riders actually experience riding a motorcycle in Japan to get to know the real Hokkaido, and allow more and more tourists to come to understand about it too.

We would like to make an alliance and make new strategies to start with. We are looking for business partners who can participate to make our vision, and are looking forward to having meetings to make a strong bond and succeed together in business.

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The Application

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