The Place

One of the main locations of this trip will be in the Izu peninsula, about 100 Km southwest of Tokyo. Full of beaches and beautiful coastlines, it is considered one of the most popular resort area of Japan. One of the most popular spot is Dogashima area, with its stone formations, popular hot springs and the uniqueness of the environment. Here in fact can be experienced Tombolo, a phenomenon where at low tide between an island and the main land a strip of land shows off. 
Another famous hot spring point on our trip is our second location, Hakone. Less than 100 Km away from Tokyo, with its natural beauty it is pretty popular as a tourist spot for those in need for a break from the futuristic atmosphere of the capital city.
And then the Mount Fuji, symbol of japan, located between Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, can be seen in all its magnificence from several areas of our trip and we will be able to enjoy some of the best views of the mountain from the most popular view points.
One iconic view of Mount Fuji on this area is the "mirror-like" view of the mountain on Lake Yamanaka, one of the Fuji Five Lakes (Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Saiko, Lake Motosuko, Lake Shojiko). 
Another famous Mount Fuji's image is the one enjoyable from Lake Ashi, with the bright red Hakone Shrine's red torii gate standing prominently on the dark blue water. Located in the southwest side of Mount Hakone’s caldera, it was formed 3000 years ago after Mount Hakone's last eruption. With its natural beauty and the amount of historical element in this area, it is officially considered the location symbol of Hakone.

All iconic and beautiful places, whose images can be found in travel guides and tours brochures, but still unknown as riding locations. A unique experience you and your customers will be delighted to try.

Please take a look at exact tour’s course and schedule here.

The Motorcycle

You will be riding on those astonishing roads on a vehicle provided by our group company Rental 819.

You will be choosing between some of the newest models not just from the biggest Japanese motorcycle makers Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki, but also from Ducati, BMW and the iconic brand Harley Davidson.

You can find the list of the vehicles you can choose from here.
*instructions about vehicle’s year and color will not be accepted
*your first choice may not be available
*vehicle’s list may be subject to changes due to stock change

The Purpose

The main purpose of this tour is to place a start point for our future alliance and to decide our future strategies on promoting motorcycle touring all over world.

You, as a company, are coming from several business worlds and to make the strongest business bound we will have to decide our future moves from the very start by deciding together the best promotion strategies for this trip.

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The Application

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