What is Moto Tours Japan offering you within this Fam Trip

Touring Vehicles Related Items
Rental Bike Full optional (with top and side case) *(1)
Gears Helmet, gloves
Car rental For those who are not going to ride on motorcycle
ETC  ETC rental and expressway fees
Support staff Attendant staff and support van
Gasoline All the gasoline fees during the tour

Trip Related Items

Air Ticket Direct Flight in Economy Class, to arrive until March 12th and depart after March 15th
Transportation fees -On your arrival day, transporation fees from the airport to the hotel*(2)
-On tour's first day, transportation fees from the hotel to the rental shop
-On your departure day, trasportation fees from the hotel to the airport*(2)
Hotels All the hotels during the Fam Trip*(3)
Meals All the meals indicated in tour program*(4)
Attractions All the extra fees for attractions or tourist places visited during the tour
*(1) please be noticed that instructions about year and colour will not be accepted, your first choice may not be available 

*(2) the refound fee will refers just to the hotel indicated by Moto Tours Japan, any other extra transportation fee from differet hotel locations will be personal charge

*(3) hotels booked during eventual extra day will be personal charge

*(4) eventual extra will be personal charge


※ All above items will be offered you only during the Fam Trip days

※ Tour's contents may be subject to change

※ Any further canges or updates in Fam Trip's contents will be uploaded on the website and sent by email